Land of Fangirling and Procrastination

Ok so I’ve decided that I am going to (try to) make the EM2 graphic novel I was thinking about making. I thought I was going to finnish the 1 st page today but I was like 5 times busier than I thought I was going to be so I expect to get it on here on like Tuesday or something. The beginning of the story is probably going to be the same but I’m prob gonna end up like doing plastic surgery on the plot near the end.

But anyway, I came up with a basic plotline but I haven’t really figured out all the ‘details’ yet so if any one has suggestions for what to include, or what to not include or something than feel free to send it to my ask box and I’ll try to include it if I can ( just nothing extremely drastic)

(I realize this is a really long post but…)

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